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Monday night the Girls and Guns educational course took place at the Jasper Police Department station where Jasper Police Department officials, the Jasper Rifle & Gun Club, and your Local Gun Shops teamed up to provide information on gun safety.

Photo courtesy of: Assistant Chief Nathan Schmitt with the Jasper Police Department


According to officials the reception for this event was positive as participants shared their questions and concerns regarding coming across with a weapon or in contrast having the need to use it for emergencies.

Jasper Police Department Assistant Chief, Nathan Schmitt,  talks about the free course and its purpose for this first group of participants.

Assistant Chief Schmitt explained that they thought there was a void in awareness and acknowledgment that people may have about how to properly use guns as there is a rising request of gun permits at the Jasper Police Department.

Photo courtesy of: Assistant Chief Nathan Schmitt with the Jasper Police Department

He touched on the possible connection this may have on major tragic events that have occurred in Indiana or the country and it appears that an increase of fire arm permits are requested.

Assistant Chief Schmitt says there were 25 participants on Monday and they already have a list of 15-20 people who are interested in participating in another course and describes the material used for the introductory course.

He says that participants shared feedback about learning information that they found valuable, especially those who have guns in their households.

Assistant Chief Schmitt stated that they believe in the 2nd Amendment-the right to bear arms, but people need to be educated especially with firearms and it’s crucial that caution and safety measures are taken seriously.

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