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A suspicious backpack left behind lead officials at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari to eventually evacuate the Santa Claus theme park early Thursday evening.

Indiana State Police say the situation was blown way out of proportion.

Sgt. Phillip Hensley told WJTS News late Thursday night that the unattended backpack was reported to park security who contacted law enforcement and began their evacuation of the area. Sgt. Hensley says a bomb technician was brought on scene to scan the backpack before finding it to be ok.

Henseley says at around 9:40 last night police left the scene and Holiday World officials allowed park customers to return to the park and remove ietms from their lockers.

Holiday World is scheduled to open at its normal time today after receiving an “all clear” from state police.

Holiday World Park President, Matt Eckert, says all guests were provided with rain checks to come back another day.

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