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Dale Fall Festival Pageant

The Dale Fall Festival Queen’s Pageant is set for this Sunday beginning at 7 pm CDT in the auditorium of Heritage Hills High School in Lincoln City. The theme this year is ” Celebrating Indiana’s Heritage.” Eleven contestants will take part this year.  They include:

16-year old Audra Dilger the daughter of Keith and Dana Dilger of Mariah Hill.

Haley Flamion, the 16-year old daughter of Donna Flamion of Santa Claus.

17-year old Caroline Guth, the daughter of Mike and Sara Guth of Chrisney.

17-year old Faith Hall, the daughter of Eric and Christina Bell and Nathan and Kerry Hart.

Jenna Henneisen, the 16-year old daughter of Randy and Deanna Heneisen of Tennyson.

Brooklyn Lee the 17-year old daughter of Amanda Jones of Dale.

Miranda Miller.  She’s 17 and the daughter of Charles and Jacqueline Miller of Santa Claus.

Erika Nance, the 17-year old daughter of Jo Braun and Ed Nance.

Daisey Valdez Perez the 17-year old daughter of Esau and Maria Valdez.

16-year old Raven Poehlein, the daughter of Adam Keith and Amy Poehlein.

And 17-year old Cassidy Stiles, the daughter of Angela Stone and John Stiles.

All 11 contestants are students at Heritage Hills High School.

The Dale Fall Festival is set for September 6th through the 11th.



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