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Monday afternoon the Dubois County Council unanimously approved two separate requests of $20,000 in general staff overtime and $20,000 of jail staff overtime by Dubois County Sheriff Donnie Lampert. Lampert was accompanied by Dubois County Security Center Commander Randy Schnell who attested to having about 82 inmates and that require the need of a full functioning staff. The issue is in regards to when a staff member or several are unable to be present due to injury, illness or what not. Both Lampert and Schnell say the need to pay other staff overtime to fill in is crucial. Now certain scenarios were signaled out such as having to deal with unforeseen actions from inmates who might take advantage of a staff that’s not at high capacity. Councilmen Jerry Hunefeld says he acknowledges that the Sheriff is responsible for his own staff and inmates and that the council’s responsibility is to support the Sheriffs Department in any way they can. Council President Greg Kendall added that he also did not want to risk any of the department staff members to be in any danger of getting hurt in an attempt to stay within any financial means. Lampert thanked the council for approving the overtime staffing requests on behalf of the inmates and his staff.


In other business Monday, the council approved the employment classification of Dubois County Emergency Management Directory-Tammy Humbert to keep her at ex-cempt. Before any decision was made the council discussed with the public and themselves regarding the consistency and fairness making the change would be for the county and other department heads. Councilmen Craig Greulich started out by acknowledging Humbert’s role as significant and says she is an exemplary leader. Greulich says Humbert’s leadership and work is not in question that should be considered as a council is that they they agree that their would be no raises at the recent budget meeting and that they should remain with their integrity and consistent. County Commissioner Elmer Brames told the council that Humbert’s position is from an emergency category and that should be taken into account. Kendall agreed that Humbert’s role with the county falls into the leadership catagory. Humbert also spoke by stating that she is not speaking about the money and that she equates the consideration of being an excempt employee to being shown consistency and it also means recognition in her leadership role and shown respect. The council approved the excempt position classification with the exception of looking into other positions and providing clarity among the council and county departments.

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