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The Jasper Police Department would like to remind the public that golf carts are not allowed to be operated on city streets. There is some confusion between golf carts and low speed vehicles which appear very similar in appearance, police say only vehicles that are properly licensed with licensed operators are allowed to operate on city streets. In a release Assistant Police Chief Nathan Schmitt says the police department has recently been contacted by numerous citizens with regards to golf carts operating on public streets, especially in the Brescher Subdivision on the city’s far west side.

Schmitt says the big concern for the police department are reports of young children operating these golf carts. Young operators, not familiar with the rules of the road, pose a great danger to the operator as well as other occupants. Also, golf carts are not manufactured with required safety equipment to reduce injury if they are involved in a crash.

The police department is requesting the public’s cooperation to cease the use of golf carts on city streets. In order to prevent any type of a tragedy to occur, the police department will be increasing enforcement in regards to golf carts operating on city streets.

Penalties may include:

– A City Ordinance Violation

– A State Statue Violation including citing adults if they allow a violation to occur

And Impound of the vehicle

Schmitt says the police department would like to resolve this issue without any enforcement actions.
But, in an attempt to prevent injury or possibly a fatality, they feel that it’s imperative that they address this issue.

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