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After almost 3 years in working towards a mural on behalf of the Jasper Community Arts Mural Committee the arrival of more public art debuted this week in Jasper. Jasper Arts Commission Program Coordinator, Corina Mack, states that its always a great venture to find inspiration in the arts as she explains how two Art Commission Board members became inspired by a mural program in Philadelphia which spear-headed the Jasper mural committee.

The committee placed a call for artists last May on various media outlets. They received 6 artists proposals, among them was Jesa Simon who impressed the commission and mural committee with her portfolio as she has prior experience in working with city commissions around the country and has a strong background in education and working with non-profits.

Mack spoke about the positive reception from the commission and community about the mural. She also described the influence of art and how anyone interested in going into the art field such as students from the Jasper High School SOFA (Society of Fine Arts) club could learn from Simon’s experience.

Mack added that after speaking with the students teacher he indicated that the most important way for students to truly experience art is to be able to get out and apply what they are taught, as they will retain the hands on experience better.

(Picture courtesy of: Jesa Simon)

Mural Artist and Public Arts Advocate Jesa Simon from California has worked on various projects since 2012 in places such as National Charity League, Arizona Science Center, Downtown Phoenix Partnership, prominent hotels, and public arts commissions in Iowa, Massachusetts, Arizona and more. Aside from murals she’s accomplished canvas work that has been displayed in galleries throughout the nation and has created a 5ft and 400lbs fiber-glass sculpture for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation.

(Picture courtesy of: Jesa Simon)
“Heros & Hearts” (Picture courtesy of: Jesa Simon)

Simon extended her gratitude to the community of Jasper as she has received positive feedback on the murals significance. She highlighted a moment with a little boy who she called a poet and genius for saying that he was leaving his signature after drawing on the community side of the wall. When asked about how Simon observed her own legacy with having various artwork displayed throughout the country she expressed that its an incredible feeling and it’s special when a community opens their arms and engages in a community collaboration of artistic interpretation and love. Simon describes the inspiration behind the mural she is working on which is titled “Secret Garden”.



During a talk Thursday evening, Simon also shares her enthusiasms of having the mural displayed on the sidewall of the new cafe/restaurant business, BREW, as she also connects small business entrepreneurship with the economical benefits of public art. Simon elaborates on the economical benefit for a progressive city such as Jasper.

Simon hopes that her art can tell the stories of today for the future generations and influence those generations to depict happiness, love, joy, and things that mean to us the most.

To learn more about Mural Artist Jesa Simon or observe her art you can navigate to her website at .

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