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The Jasper Public Library will be holding Open House events on 3 separate occasions to help educate the public regarding the services the Library offers and to acquaint them with the facilities currently in place in the Jasper area. The 3 events will permit staff and volunteers from the Friends of the Jasper Library to guide visitors through public and staff areas (behind the scenes) both during open and after hours. Visitors will be able to see some of the processes staff encounter in providing daily services of check-in/check-out of materials, ordering and processing incoming new materials, book and material repair, and delivery of materials between other library branches and inter-library loans from across the state.

The tour will also show spaces available for quiet study, meetings, programming and personal use for a variety of ages. Staff and volunteers will be on hand to show the current usage and needs in the library and to make available information related to the proposed building project and the possibilities that exist with the new facility. The first event will be held tomorrow September 21st, from 6 till 7 pm during open hours. The second is set for Friday, October 14th, during the 6 till 7:30 time frame but will be held after hours when the library is closed to general traffic. The final event is scheduled for Thursday, October 20th, from 4 till 6 pm during open hours, but at an earlier time for those unable to attend in the evenings. For more information on the open houses, contact the Jasper Public Library at 812-482-2712,  checkout their website at .




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