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The Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools Board listened to updates from Scott Stenftenagel of the Stenftenagel Group regarding district building and maintenance constructions projects Monday night.

A number of renovation plans are either underway or in the works in facilities around the district particularly at Ireland Elementary School.

Greater Jasper Superintendent Dr. Tracey Lorey elaborates on the request from the Stenftenagel Group regarding to needs at Ireland Elementary.

Superintendent Dr. Lorey noted that due to 2.8 million dollars it would fall into a controlled project that is subject to petition and remonstrance so after a public hearing the community can petition the project.

At that point they could request the petition however if the public agrees with the project then after 30 days from the hearing the district can move forward.

Lorey states that the project will not impact taxpayers any more then they are already being burden. They are working to meet the needs within the budgetary constraints they have set for the project as these changes are needed for the structure.

Lorey also spoke on a Net Zero conference, attended by member from the Stenftenagel Group and how what they learned applies to the cost effective and energy efficiency actions potentially applied to the district.


Lorey says currently they are in the planning phases for this potential initiative as they are exploring what that may look like and its capacity.

She says looking into the cost savings element for the district is beneficial as well as being energy efficient and that they also see this as an opportunity to save money and put that money back into the school system.

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