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Volunteers worked on and cleaned nearly 4 area waterways for 3 hours Saturday morning during the first Dubois County Creek Sweep that took place this past weekend.

Officials with the Dubois County Solid Waste District say a total of 15 volunteers loaded pick-up trucks full of a ton and a half of trash and recycling, including 34 bags of trash, 13 tires, small appliances and even furniture.

Volunteers ended their productive morning with a drawing of gift certificates donated by Jasper merchants and a rain barrel donated by the Soil and Water Conservation District.

Jasper Stormwater provided prizes for the strangest items found- some of which included GI Joe figures, a bicycle, and a rusty machete. All volunteers were also thanked with a $10 voucher to use for recycling and disposal at the Solid Waste District Process Center.

Not all areas were completed and more help is always appreciated. Anyone interested in future clean up events can contact Judi Brown at the Dubois County Soil and Water Conservation District at 812.482.1171 ext. 3 or Carla Striegel-Winner at the Dubois County Solid Waste District at 812-482-7865.

This event was sponsored by the Dubois County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Dubois County Solid Waste District with assistance from the Dubois County Highway Department and Jasper Stormwater.

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