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Huntingburg Planning Director, Paul Lake, and SESCO Group President & CEO, Darren Reese, spoke of a potential area study focused on the US 231 Corridor at Tuesday nights Huntingburg Common Council and Utility Board meeting.

The emphasize placed on the corridor is to continue the momentum with goals relevant to economic development in the Hunitngburg area.

Mayor Denny Spinner talked about the progress accomplished with the Stellar projects as he describes it as only the beginning of effective results setting the foundation for separate projects to come into view as they plan for an increase of community wide improvements.

Spinner says that looking into the study of the US 231 corridor has been in their plans to pursue from the city’s comprehensive plans.

Tuesday night the council and SESCO group of Indianapolis entered into a contract agreement to evaluate the cooridor and determine the parameters of a potential economic development area in the future.

He describes that the study wouldn’t put anything in place aside from a proposal of what the area would cover.

Mayor Spinner describes how the options within the area once designated would need review from all groups involved with its development and is essential to further economic development plans…


Spinner also notes that the essential point of all this is to invest in the planning stages that can involve studies and evaluations of proposed projects as the expected result is the creation of new jobs and income growth.

He adds that currently they already have another economic development area established in the City of Huntingburg with the St. Joseph Hospital property.

He spoke of leveraging some state tools to bring development to the St. Joseph Hospital area and looks forward to their being a parallel interest and same sort of growth to the corridor if they so choose to make that designation.

SESCO Group invests in redevelopment to enhance communities while keeping residents health and welfare in mind.

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