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Jasper based German American has pledged a contribution of $500,000 to Jasper LEADS to be paid over a three year period. The money will go towards and help fund the new Jasper Public Library.

In a release GAB Chairman and CEO Mark Schroeder says the company believes the revitalization projects in Jasper, and in communities throughout German American’s geographical footprint, will have a positive impact on the future of those communities and their company.

Meanwhile German American Regional President Kyle Dauby says the company is pleased to offer their support of the Jasper Public Library project.
Dauby says the pledge will help lower the financial impact for all residents because of the fundraising efforts of Jasper LEADS. He says it is a reflection of gratitude from German American for all those past and present in the community who have helped forge the spirit of innovation and success.

Jasper Library Board President Dean Vonderheide adds that the hard work and commitment of individuals and businesses, like German American, who helped take the Library and the Cultural Center project from a vision to reality, is a testament to the community of Jasper.

Vonderheide expressed his appreciation of GAB’s generosity and support on behalf of Jasper LEADS and the Jasper Public Library board and staff.

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