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We made a visit to the Sisters of St. Benedict over the weekend who shared with us, the philanthropic work that the late Florence Henderson did for the Sisters of St. Benedict.20161126_125447

82-year old Florence Henderson was born in Dale who played Carol Brady on “The Brady Bunch” show and died in Los Angeles last week. She was a native of Spencer County who went to grade school at the Sisters of St. Benedict in Ferdinand.

20161126_131859Sister Rose Mary Rexing,OSB from the Sisters of St. Benedict shares with us her experience with personally knowing Florence Henderson.

Back in 2001 Henderson made a visit to the Sisters of St. Benedict based upon the letter that Sister Rose Mary wrote addressed to Henderson in hopes to reach her. Sister Rose Mary describes Henderson as a woman of gratitude.

Henderson and the Sisters of St. Benedict sing in a video produced by Dan Brumett, MDH Productions titled “Ordinary Miracles”. To see the video navigate to our 18WJTS Facebook page to view a shared link from the Sisters of St. Benedict.

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