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Members of the Greater Jasper Consolidated School Board heard from faculty members of 10th Street Elementary School including Principal Kent Taylor who provided a presentation regarding effective initiatives implemented for 10th Street students.

Joining Taylor was Speech Teacher Leslie Jerger, 4th grade Teacher Wesley Laake, 5th Grade Teacher Trisha Pfau, and 3rd Grade Teacher Stephanie Buse who addressed their focus on their recruitment plan which includes the positive behavior program.

The positive behavior program is offered at the school which and is possible to implement through a 29-thousand dollar grant from InteCare.

The initial purpose of this positive behavior program is to use a rewarding system with students called “Paw Dollars”.

Students have an opportunity to earn “Paw Dollars” from any staff member who identifies a student who is displaying the qualities of being safe, responsible, respectful and doing his or her personal best.

Taylor expresses his gratitude towards the team effort that the whole school dedicates in providing a positive atmosphere for their students…

Taylor states that while this type of program can be looked upon as a rewarding system the significance of the results is visible through encouraging dialogue with students among their peers, school officials, and parents.

The board also spoke about the possibilty of all 4 school districts in Dubois County functioning under the same school calendar for the 2017-18 school year.

Greater Jasper Superintendent Dr. Tracy Lorey describes the benefits of all Dubois County systems being in sync with a shared calendar…


The overlap of students using facilities, attending events, and classes from all 4 school districts is visible for the necessity of staff or the demand of a technical class that might not be offered in one specific school district.

Some crossover use of school functions was visible at Monday’s meeting as Forest Park High School students attended the Greater Jasper board meeting for government class requirements.

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