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Last night the Santa Claus Redevelopment Commission and Town Council had their monthly meeting and heard from various speakers. Among them was Tim Waninger of Santa Claus from Elite Lakeside Holdings LLC to talk about a development project. Others that are involved with the project as part of Elite Lakeside Holdings LLC include Nick Waninger, Keith Hedinger, and Eric Kress.

Waninger states that the location that is being looked upon for development on the West Side of Santa Claus just off Highway 231 and Highway 162 is to build a convenient / camping store. He elaborates on how such development can benefit the community…

Waninger also notes that there is a big movement of emission free vehicles especially regarding electric powered vehicles and the need to offer electric chargers for this new development.

He also says that it would encourage travelers who need to recharge their electric vehicles for their trips to stop by and simultaneously bring additional business to the Santa Claus community.

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