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The Parade of Parades will be featured New Year’s Day on 18WJTS TV. Throughout 2016 WJTS TV had cameras and crews at each of the local parade. Those parades were then aired for your viewing pleasure. Well, this Sunday, January 1st WJTS TV 18 will replay each of the parades one right after another. Beginning at 12:30 Eastern time. The Parade of Parades will start and run through out the entire Day.

The parades will be aired in the following order. Haysville Bicentennial Parade, Jasper Strassenfest Parade, Ireland Bicentennial Parade, Huntingburg Herbstfest Parade, and will wrap up with the Santa Claus Holiday Parade. So pop some corn and punch up channel 18 on your TV and relive the year in parades this Sunday beginning at 12:30 pm on 18WJTS TV,  Local People Watching Local People.

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