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Nature Conservancy Secures 1700 Patoka-Adjacent Acres Additional Leadership PositionsAnnounced by JASPER® Fertility Care Program New leader for State’s Agriculture Economic Development Division Norma Imogene Kiesler

Officers were dispatched to the report of a possible physical altercation in the parking lot of Mill Creek Apartments.  Officers arrived and later located Travis Duncan.  Duncan admitted that he got into an argument with his step-brother over a cigarette. Duncan agreed to stay at another friend’s apartment for the night.  Duncan and his step-brother were advised of the disorderly conduct statute and not have any contact with each other that night.

Approximately 15 minutes later dispatch received another complaint that the same individuals were fighting again.  Officers determined that Duncan had went back over to his step-brother’s apartment and began yelling and kicking at the door.  An additional witness stated that Duncan was also throwing rocks at the door while continuing to kick the door and yell.  Duncan was taken into custody, lodged in the Dubois County Security Center, and charged with disorderly conduct.

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