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The Dubois County Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution invites all Dubois County high school students to enter the 2018-19 Christopher Columbus Essay Contest.

Students are invited to submit an essay of 800 to 1,200 words on the topic, “Comparing Ship Technology: The Ships Columbus Used Versus the Ships of Today.”

The three-ship fleet of Christopher Columbus included two ships known as caravels, Nina and Pinta, and one larger ship which served as Columbus’ flagship, Santa Maria.

Essays should discuss the advantages and disadvantage of these late fifteenth-century ships compared to the modern ships of today and how they would have been prepared for his voyage.

The deadline to submit entries is a week from tomorrow, Wednesday October 31st.

A county-wide winner will be chosen and then forwarded on for state competition, and state winners will then compete at the national level. First, second, and third place national winners will be selected after judging by the National Italian American Foundation.

To qualify for first place, the winner must be able to go to Washington, D.C., in October of 2019 to read his or her winning essay at the National Columbus Celebration.

The first-place national winner receives $1,200 from the NIAF in addition to paid lodging and transportation to Washington, D.C., in October of 2019 for the winner and one parent or guardian.
The second-place national winner receives $500, and the third-place national winner receives $300.

To learn more about the National Columbus Day celebration in Washington, D.C., please visit the website of the National Columbus Celebration Association.

For contest rules and essay guidelines, please contact Essay Chairman Angela McDonald at 812-630-2885 or e-mail

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