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Five Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center employees have been nominated for the 2018 Little Company of Mary Award, named for the Little Company of Mary Sisters, the religious organization that sponsors Memorial Hospital.

Nominated by their co-workers for their exemplary devotion to the hospital’s Mission and Core Values in their daily work, the nominees include: Beverly Blunk, of the Huntingburg Clinic; Steve Engleman with Environmental Services; Ashley Erny, Pharmacy; Cathy Leistner, Health Information Management; and Connie Spinner with the Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center.

Sr. Renee Cunningham, LCM, Memorial Hospital’s Mission Committee Chairperson, recognizes these individuals as those “who have been nominated because their actions have spoken louder than any words.

She says they are regarded by their co-workers as individuals who have demonstrated by what they do that the hospital’s mission of ‘being for others’ and the core values of respect for human dignity, compassionate caring, stewardship, quality and justice are a priority — a way of life — for them.

She says they are blessed to have caring, compassionate employees like them.”

The nominees will be honored at a Tea on October 25. The award recipient will be announced on Thursday, November 15.

Beverly Blunk
Cathy Leistner
Connie Spinner
Ashley Erny
Steve Engleman

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