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Due to on-site gas line replacement work, the Ferdinand yard waste/limb drop off site on West 23rd Street is closed until the end of June. Ferdinand residents may use the temporary location on West 5th Street, just past 5th Street Park.


Also, when dropping off limbs at the site, make sure they are no longer than 10 feet in length. Anything longer is problematic for crews to properly remove, and if the situation is continued, it could lead to the closure of the location. Additionally, when bringing grass clippings, do not leave full bags at the property. Empty the bags and take them with you.

Regarding lawn mowing, please do not blow grass on the streets. This is a violation of Town Ordinance. If grass does blow on to the street, clean it up when mowing is completed.

Also, a reminder that the Ferdinand Spring Clean-up has been postponed to a future date.

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