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Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center released an update this afternoon on COVID-19 in the county.

Dr. Stan Tretter and Dr. Christopher Bunce reminded viewers in a video the hospital released on social media that the community can really make an impact on stopping the spread of COVID-19 by social distancing.

Dr. Bunce says that although a medication or a vaccination is not available at this time, the public needs to put barriers in place to prevent this virus from going from person to person. Bunce stated that the community needs to follow the guidelines of social distancing to prevent further spread of the virus.

Dr. Tretter states that Memorial Hospital is preparing itself for more cases by learning from others across the country. Tretter says the hospital anticipates that the number of positive COVID-19 tests in the county will increase and they are preparing for the possible increase.

Dr. Tretter says that if you have questions about symptoms of COVID-19, you can call the Memorial Hospital COVID-19 Help Line at 812-996-6330. There’s also a Memorial Hospital screening site at 695 West 2nd Street.

Dr. Bunce states that the testing criteria for COVID-19 has evolved over time, and that originally, the availability to test was limited. However, as time goes on, the availability and turnaround time has improved. Bunce says that those with respiratory issues like cough, fever, or shortness of breath are likely to be tested, especially if the symptoms are enough cause to be admitted into the hospital. People who have been exposed to the virus and have special circumstances like the homeless will prioritize. The testing criteria will more than likely expand as time goes on, but Bunce says that the hospital won’t be testing those with no symptoms unless under certain circumstances.

Tretter adds that a majority of those who test positive for COVID-19 will have mild symptoms that can be cared for at home. The best thing for those people is to self isolate from all others to prevent spreading the virus.

Bunce and Tretter remind that staying in touch with others and remind that this pandemic will eventually end will keep everyone morally up. Tretter and Bunce recommend the use of the telephone, Facetiming, or social media to stay in touch rather than going face to face.

Bunce states if you think you’re overdoing it, then you’re doing it just right. Dubois County is on the low part of the slope, which Bunce says should be more motivation to stay safe.

To view Dr. Bunce and Dr. Tretter’s update, click here.

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