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Kentucky woman arrested in Perry County after an attempted murder.

A 23-year-old Kentucky woman is behind bars in Perry County after police accuse her of trying to murder a man at Hafele Park in Cannelton.

Indiana State Police named Elizabeth Potts of Eastview, Kentucky as one of the suspects involved in the alleged attack.

On the night of December 3, 2022, a severely beaten man was brought to the Perry County Memorial Hospital. According to police, his injuries were so severe that he had to be flown to an Evansville hospital.

Law enforcement officials say they later spoke one-on-one with the victim and were given a detailed account of what allegedly happened that night.

The victim told police he had gotten to know Elizabeth Potts after speaking off-and-on with her over Facebook. She allegedly messaged him on December 3, saying she was at Hafele Park and wanted to meet him.

The victim says he went to the park and got inside her car. He spoke with Potts for a few minutes before the passenger-side door was opened by two men wearing masks armed with baseball bats, as reported by police.

According to the victim, he was struck by the men several times in the head before crawling over Potts and getting out of the car. The men allegedly continued to beat him with baseball bats. The victim told officers he didn’t want to die, so he fought back. During the struggle, the victim alleges one of the men tried to choke him.

The victim said the attack continued and the next thing he remembered was lying on the ground. According to a police report, Potts fled the scene and the two masked men ran away. The victim then drove himself home and was taken to the hospital.

When asked about his injuries, the victim said he had a broken right arm, broken left wrist, three fractured back vertebrae, skull fractures in his face, two missing teeth, and a three-inch laceration on his scalp. Officers that spoke with the victim say he will be permanently disfigured.

According to a police report, one of the officers later received a call from Elizabeth Potts after leaving her last known address in Hardin County, Kentucky. Police say that during the conversation, Potts admitted to being involved in the crime and setting the victim up.

The suspect allegedly also admitted to knowing the two masked men, but would not tell police their identities because she is scared of them. Elizabeth G. Potts was booked into the Perry County Jail on February 6 and faces charges of:

  • Attempted Murder
  • Conspiracy to Commit Murder Not Resulting in Death of a Person
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Battery Resulting in Bodily Injury
  • Battery or BBW Committed with Deadly Weapon

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