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A quarter past 9 o’clock Monday (7/3/23) morning the Jasper Police Department responded to the Schroeder Sports Complex on West 2nd Street for an investigation into reports of a vehicle recklessly driving through the fields. 

When officers arrived at the sports complex they found the suspected 1999 Toyota Camry with the driver still inside the vehicle. Initial contact led police to discover the person was having a medical emergency that began when they were traveling westbound near the 400 block of West 2nd Street. 

The driver made a left turn into the Schroeder Sports Complex, struck a “No Parking at any Time” sign, and continued southwest across the parking lot. After striking a marked parking stall the Camry struck a chain link fence, knocked it to the ground, and continued into the grass soccer field where it left deep ruts. A soccer goal was then impacted by the vehicle before the Toyota eventually came to a stop in the back parking lot. 

Signs of impaired driving were searched for and responding officers determined the driver to be experiencing a medical emergency. Although no injuries were reported, the person was transported to Memorial Hospital to be evaluated. The Toyota Camry sustained front-end damage during the incident.

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