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(Jeffersonville, IN) Detectives with the Indiana State Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that occurred at the AVIA Apartments, in Jeffersonville, around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Authorities were responding to that location to conduct a welfare check on 65-year-old Richard Glass. A neighbor at the apartment complex heard Glass make concerning statements about “going back to prison” before the man walked into his apartment.

While police were en route to the apartments, a second 911 call was received from Glass himself. Glass believed someone was hacking his phone, informed police he had a firearm and did not wish to use it on the hacker, and requested a police response. When Jeffersonville police and EMS arrived at the scene Glass refused to open the door and said he did not believe the people outside were law enforcement.

Dispatchers contacted Glass on the phone when he reiterated the belief that the people outside were not officers and reminded responding agencies that he had a gun. Police pulled back from the door as Glass continued repeating those statements to dispatch on the phone. A short time later, law enforcement gained visual contact with Richard Glass from a nearby apartment and confirmed he was in possession of at least one firearm as the suspect alluded to firing the weapon at others.

Officers staged outside the apartment building reported gunfire from Richard Glass around 11:30 p.m. in their direction before another two shots were fired from the window of the Glass apartment. All attempts to make contact were unsuccessful when police heard more gunfire from inside the apartment, Glass reappeared in the window with a drawn weapon and was shot by a responding SWAT team member.

Once the suspect was confirmed deceased, law enforcement cleared the entire apartment complex for safety. No other residents or officers were harmed in the incident that remains under ongoing ISP investigation at the request of Jeffersonville Police Chief, Kenny Kavanaugh. We will share any updates to this story as they are made available.

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