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The Dubois County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of another scam.  Officers would like to warn the public, that someone is impersonating one of our deputies and calling sex offenders.  The caller is claiming that a DNA sample is needed immediately and if the person is unwilling to submit to the test, they will be arrested. The caller is asking for the person to meet at Walmart or other public places to submit to the DNA test.  The Dubois County Sheriff’s office says This phone call is not coming from their office.  

Scammers are very skilled at trying to create high-pressure situations or a sense of urgency in order to get you to comply with their requests without giving much thought to what they’re requesting.

● Be wary of phone calls from unknown numbers

● The Sheriff’s Office would never ask you to meet at Walmart or other public places without prior discussion beforehand

● If you’re ever unsure, call or visit your local law enforcement agency to report such behavior

If you think you may be the target of a scam phone call or correspondence regarding the Sheriff’s Office, please call (812) 482-3522, or visit the department in Jasper to confirm the validity of the call.

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