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White-tail deer hunting has been a staple of Southern Indiana as far back as many can remember. Some hunts are just that: Memorable. A local man harvested a buck back in October that will likely be a hunt that isn’t forgotten anytime soon around Dubois County.

23 year old Noah Goeppner of Huntingburg harvested a rare albino back in October during archery season across the Hoosier state. What makes this hunt even more special? The young man had taken deer before during firearms season, however, this was the first buck that Goeppner had ever taken with a bow.

Albino deer are rare because of the fact that not only do they lack hide pigmentation but they are known for their pink noses, hooves, and eyes. Noah first laid eyes on this rare buck three seasons ago back in 2021 but passed on him. That proved to be a wise decision as the rare buck grew up from a 6-point to 9-point trophy in-between the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

Noah Goeppner was able to put the deer down during spur of the moment decision to take to the stand on Sunday morning October 29th. He was able to put the trophy down with an accurate broadside shot at only a mere 15 yards.

Noah plans on getting a mount of this rare trophy to forever keep a reminder of this awesome hunt while the rest of this rare buck went into the freezer like a true outdoorsman does.

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One thought on “Huntingburg Man Harvests Rare White-Tail Deer

  1. Julie says:

    Some animals in nature are meant to be left alone especially one’s so rare.

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