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The State of Indiana is celebrating a “win” in the State House, as the House Joint Resolution 3, or HJR3, was passed earlier this week. 

HJR3 is seeking to propose a congressional term limits amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which would, if passed by the Indiana Senate, would put the Hoosier state at the forefront to seek term limits implemented in the United States Congress. A total of 38 states must present and pass similar resolutions in order to be considered a majority, and thus change the U.S. Constitution, and as right now, the U.S. Congress has no electoral limits in place.

The next step for this Resolution would be the Indiana Senate Committee hearing. If approved by the Senate, Indiana would officially fall-in line with six other states who have successfully applied for a convention to propose term limits on Congress. 

This resolution was created by Indiana Representatives Dave Hall, Chris Jeter, Mike Karickhoff, and Kyle Miller.

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