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It turns out hitting the snooze button in the morning can be a costly affair, as staff lateness is costing the American economy over $61 billion a year, a new study suggests.

The research, conducted by The Savvy Wrist, asked 3,000 employees about lateness in the workplace and found that the average U.S. worker loses 35 minutes per week to lateness, which costs American employers $166 per head, every year, or a whopping $61,126,349,724 nationwide each year.

Montana and North Dakota workers are the most punctual, tallying up just 10 minutes of lateness a week. On the other end of the scale, those in Maine are leisurely strolling into the office 15 minutes late each day (or 75 minutes per week) followed by Granite Staters who are 70 minutes late each week.

Given California’s size, it is unsurprising that their employees cost the most to the local economy. Lateness costs the Golden State’s economy over $10 billion each year. 

The cost to Indiana’s economy of employee tardiness is a staggering $820,779,104 per year. The average Hoosier arrives to work (or logs on) 30 hours late over the year (or 35 minutes per week), costing their employer $121 per year. 

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