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A recent report conducted by the Thriving Center of Psychology on young adults who are currently seeking or receiving therapy for mental health are hoping to improve in that area for 2024 but only 22% are optimistic that it will happen.

With 2 in 5 Gen Z and Millennials seeking therapy in 2024, there’s lots to treat:

  • Top issues include anxiety, depression, and stress
  • Millennials are more depressed, while Gen Z is more anxious
  • 1 in 4 will see treatment for trauma or ADHD
  • 25% feel they’ll be in therapy forever

Unfortunately, even finding a therapist can be difficult: Half of those seeking therapy are struggling to find a therapist, and Google searches for “therapists near me” spiked 49% from 2020-2023. Young adults average seeing at least two therapists before finding the right fit.

You can view the full report over at:

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