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Prairie Farms Dairy revealed today its launch of four new lactose-free dairy offerings, aiming to fill a gap in the market. With an 86-year legacy of delivering top-tier dairy goods, Prairie Farms is now introducing its “Gold Standard” lactose-free whole and 2% milk in gallon sizes, along with lactose-free cottage cheese and sour cream in 16-ounce tubs.

CEO/EVP Matt McClelland emphasized the company’s dedication to accessibility by providing family-sized gallons of lactose-free milk, a pioneering move in the market. He expressed confidence in Prairie Farms’ ability to meet consumer demands, particularly for those with lactose sensitivity, inviting them to experience Prairie Farms’ quality offerings.

Highlighting Prairie Farms’ unique position as a farmer-owned cooperative, McClelland stressed the advantages of their localized production, ensuring freshness and minimizing transportation distances. The lactose-free gallon option not only offers more milk but also provides better value compared to leading national brands.

Prairie Farms asserts its mastery in crafting lactose-free products that maintain the taste of their award-winning originals, positioning them as the “gold standard” in the dairy case. The company’s artisanal packaging and farmer-owned identity resonate with consumer preferences, distinguishing their products as premium choices.

Following a successful soft launch in the St. Louis area, Prairie Farms plans to expand distribution across America’s heartland by June, coinciding with Dairy Month. The company will leverage various marketing channels, including traditional, digital, and social media, to promote the launch and provide consumers with recipes, coupons, and insights into their farm-to-table journey.

Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc., a prominent dairy cooperative operating in the Midwest and South, boasts over 600 farm families, 7,000 associates, and an extensive distribution network. Renowned for its milk flavor innovations and award-winning products, Prairie Farms remains committed to delivering quality dairy experiences across the United States. For more details, visit

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