Last CARES Meeting of the Series: TONIGHT

The newly formed Dubois County Coalition for Adolescent Resilience and Empowerment Strategies or also known as “CARES” will hold their fourth and final meeting tonight.

The group was recently formed because one in four sophomores in Dubois County drink alcohol on a monthly basis and it’s easier for youth to get their hands on marijuana than alcohol.

Both are staggering thoughts that are of concern to community members and parents and the new group has been formed in Dubois County to address local issues of alcohol and drug use among youth.

In pervious meetings, community conversations have focused on how alcohol and drug use, specifically how marijuana is impacting youth, families and Dubois County as a whole.

Community meetings are an opportunity to learn more about alcohol and drug use among youth, how to talk to youth about issues with substance use, and ways you can help the coalition achieve its mission to empower youth to be alcohol and drug free.

Community conversation are open to the public and are free of charge. Tonight’s final conversation at the Tri-County YMCA in Ferdinand will begin at 7 pm and parents, grandparents, community members and those who work with youth are encouraged to attend.

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