Dubois County Circuit Court Clerk Amy Kippenbrock will Seek Reelection.

County Clerk to Seek Reelection

Dubois County Circuit Court Clerk Amy Kippenbrock announced today that she will seek reelection to the office.  Kippenbrock, age 47, was elected to the office in 2018 having served as Chief Deputy Clerk from 2017-2018. She has filed seeking the Republican Party nomination in the May Primary.

The Clerk is responsible for many of the administrative duties of the DuboisCounty Courts in addition to being Secretary of the County Election Board.  “During 2021, we have been extremely busy with election administration matters.  The 2020 Census led to redistricting Federal and State legislative districts as well as the review of voting precincts and County Commission and County Council districts.  In addition, we continued our work to make local elections more accessible and secure by adopting Vote Centers for future elections.”

Diepenbrock added, “During my first term I have accomplished many things in the Clerk’s office.  The Clerk and Court offices converted computer systems to now use the statewide program, Odyssey.  Odyssey allowed our entire system to become paperless and run more efficiently.  Further, the Clerk’s office began accepting payments in restitution orders, judgments from all courts, as well as drug court fees.

With the Clerk collecting these payments, other county departments have dedicated time to other duties in their respective departments.  This is an excellent way for the court system to work properly for all parties involved. I am super excited, to share that we also began a new process of mailing out a pre-collection letter. This letter has had a success rate of 41%.  Which in turn has prevented collection fees from being added to those accounts.”

“At the Clerk’s office, we must keep orderly records and pass State Board of Accounts audits with all financial records. I am very honored that the office has discovered techniques to become most efficient in these procedures, thus saving individuals and the courts time and money. I am humbled to have served as your County Clerk these past three years.  I would be grateful for your continued support in the 2022 election.”

Amy Kippenbrock is a 1993 graduate of Jasper High School.  She has completed various online and in-person courses such as the University of Evansville Business Writing Skills Workshop and a Vincennes University-Jasper Business Leadership course.

Prior to her work in the Clerk’s Office, she was employed at Stens from 2008 to2017.  Her positions at Stens included Inside Sales Team Manager and Territory Manager. While at Stens, she was named Salesperson of the Year and received a Mental Attitude Award.  Prior to Stens, she was at Spencer Industries, Inc. as a customer service representative from 2000-2007.

Kippenbrock has a varied history of service to schools and local nonprofit organizations.  She has served as Cub Scout leader and Pack Treasurer, Holy Trinity Destination Imagination Coordinator, Jasper High School Band Booster Volunteer, JA Volunteer Coordinator, JHS Cross Country Booster Club Treasurer, Precious Blood Church Picnic Coordinator, and Relay for Life Chair in 2010.

Amy Kippenbrock and her husband, Kevin, reside in Jasper.  They have three children, Joshua 28, (married to Kendall), Wylee 16, and Kuper 11.  They also have two granddaughters.

Recently, Amy Kippenbrock was admitted to the 2022 Class of the Richard G. Lugar Series for Excellence in Public Service, the foremost training program in America for Women.

Some of the duties of the Clerk of the Circuit Court

Judicial Related Functions

  • The Clerk keeps a record of all judgments, orders, and decrees for the court which serves as the historical record of the court’s verbatim orders.
  • The Clerk must certify and attest to any court-filed documents where a complete court record is required.
  • The Clerk maintains all records of pleadings, motions, papers, evidence, and court rulings of the court.
  • The Clerk keeps on file a record of all foreign judgments against citizens of the county and from other states and counties.
  • The Clerk receives complaints and initial pleadings in matters brought before the court.
  • The Clerk receives payment of fines and money judgments levied by the court. In the case of a money judgment, the Clerk pays the money to the person or entity entitled to the judgment. The office also collects child support and assists in maintaining the records of the Indiana Child Support Enforcement System.
  • The Clerk collects court costs and fees in connection with court actions or other legal business and service of the court.

Election Related Functions

  • The Clerk serves as an ex-officio member and secretary of the county election board and as a member and clerk of the county board of canvassers.
  • The Clerk receives filings of candidacy from persons seeking certain elective public offices and issues certificates of election to successful local candidates except in the cases of constitutional officers, who receive their commissions from the Governor.
  • As Voter Registration Official, the Clerk registers all voters within the county; maintains official records of voter registration and voter turnout histories; generates records for use by precinct election board members to verify registered voters to polling locations; instructs and gives credentials to outside registrars; notifies voters of precinct changes and provides certification for petition of candidates’ and independent political parties’ names to be on the ballot.
  • The Clerk, as a member of the Election Board, is responsible for preparing and proofreading the ballots, processes candidate declarations, and campaign finance reports, trains and compensates precinct election day staff members; provides and allocates supplies and equipment for all precincts; redefines precinct boundary lines; demonstrates and instructs in the use of voting machines and verifies the accuracy and integrity of the voting machines and training poll workers before Election Day.

Other Administrative Functions

  • The Clerk processes marriage applications; issues marriage licenses and may also perform weddings.
  • The Clerk may administer oaths, including the oaths of office of county officials and new deputies.





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