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The Jasper Chamber of Commerce will host a free seminar at the Jasper Train Depot that address questions in regards to the new overtime wage law.

Questions such as:

What are the new salary requirements for exemption from overtime pay?

Were there any changes to the duties test?

How do you handle employees with smart phones?

How are bonuses and commissions included?

Should employees be moved from from salary to hourly?

How should changes be communicated to staff?

And how long do changes have to be implemented?

Josh Gessling, an attorney with Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn, LLP in Evansville, is the keynote speaker for June’s seminar on the overtime law, which will go into effect in December.

The seminar will take place Wednesday June 22nd from 9 till 11 am.

You can make your reservations with the Jasper Chamber of Commerce at or by calling (812) 482-6866 by Wednesday, June 15th.

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