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Officials with the Jasper Police Department would like to provide awareness and also reminding the public about safe precautions while driving as the school session is starting. The Jasper Police Department would like to ask drivers to drive with care and caution.

Drivers should expect increased enforcement in and around school zones where speed limits are reduced and anywhere that buses are loading or unloading either at schools or along the bus routes throughout the city.

In accordance to state law officials would like to remind that Indiana law requires that drivers reduce their speed in all school zones and when children are present. Indiana law also requires that when a school bus has activated the stop arm all traffic must come to a complete stop until the stop arm has been deactivated and the bus is underway again. Currently traffic fines are around $139 and will usually end up with points being assessed to a drivers license.

Officials also advise that drivers slow down in neighborhoods and around schools and pay attention for children in crosswalks and near the roadways. Using proper caution such as using your headlights is strongly encouraged, not only when its dark but also during rain, fog, and snow so that children can see approaching vehicles. The Jasper Police Department encourages the city of Jasper and everyone to have a safe school year.

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