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County by county unemployment numbers for the month of September have been released and after a significant drop of 7 tenths of a percent, Dubois County once again shares the top spot with the state’s lowest unemployment mark.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development says the county’s rate of those out of work last month came in at 2.1 percent down from 2.8 percent the month before. Dubois County shares the lead with Adams County. Adams County lies in the northeastern part of the state and shares its eastern border with Ohio.

Statewide, Indiana’s unemployment remained steady in September from August at 3.5 percent.

The state’s unemployment rate remained below the national rate of 3.7 percent. With the exception of October 2014, when it was equal to the national rate, the state’s unemployment rate has been below the U.S. rate for nearly five years.

Indiana’s labor force had a net increase of more than 4,500 over the previous month, which was a result of more than 330 unemployed residents no longer seeking employment and an about 4,900 increase in residents employed. The state says Indiana’s total labor force is nearly 3.4 million.

Locally as we mentioned, Dubois County once again came in a two-way tie with the state’s lowest unemployment mark of 2.1 percent for September, a drop of 7 tenths of a percent from August.

Numbers for surrounding counties include Daviess County at 2.3 percent, Martin and Warrick Counties both at 2 and a half percent, Pike and Spencer each stood at 2.9, Perry 3.2, Orange 3.3 and Crawford County’s September unemployment rate was 3.8 percent. Like Dubois, each county saw a significant drop from the month before.

Vermillion County north of Terre Haute once again had the State’s highest unemployment rate last month at 4.8 percent

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