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A large group of people stood against the rain this weekend to speak out about something they believe in.

A rally against the Mid-States Corridor Project took place Saturday morning. Many held signs regarding concern for their family properties, response from local officials, as well as the impact the project may have on the local economy.

A vocal member of the group who took action was Jasper resident and Democratic Candidate for State Representative District 63 Teresa Kendall.

Kendall pointed out that each route would have, in her opinion, a negative effect on the community.

“Many people realize that it’s going to take their farms. It’s going to take their homes. If it comes through the middle of Jasper or Huntingburg or Loogootee, it will wipe out businesses. If it goes to the east of this area of Dubois County, it is going to go through the National Forest. I don’t think this is a road that we need. I don’t think it’s a road that anybody wants and it’s going to cost too much. It’s going to cost billions of dollars to build this road and now’s not the time to do it but we need to put a stop to it”.

Kendall says that instead of building a Mid-States Corridor, roads that are already built like I-64, I-65, and I-69 should be used. Kendall also made note that people could lose more than just their homes or land if the Mid-States Corridor goes through.

“There are farmers who have family burial plots. What do they do? Do they get up and move them? I know that’s an option. That’s what happened with I-69. That’s what happened with 465 around Indianapolis. Actual family burial plot points had to be dug up and moved. There’s nothing about a road that should be taken lightly. You have to have a very serious consideration. We have to think long. It goes back to putting people before the politics. People that are affected should have a lot more say-so in whether they need this or they want.”

Kendall is running against Republican State Representative for District 63 incumbent Shane Lindauer this November.

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