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From The WJTS Vault: Bombers Baseball in Huntingburg – The First Year of the Rockford Peaches (2012)

In this assortment of b-roll footage, the camera-person was covering a Bombers baseball game, while also grabbing promotional materials to enhance the feel of “being” at League Stadium, in Huntingburg. This was also the first year of the Rockford Peaches, as our very own Joyce Murrell was recorded for a few moments and remembers that first season that she was a Peach.

There is also coverage of a Jasper Baseball game, presumably of the same year and season. Our very own Kurt Gutgsell is providing play-by-play commentary also.

This was recorded from a Panasonic DVCPRO Digital Cassette Tape, so when the image goes fuzzy, it’s because we fast-forwarded (or scrubbed) through the footage to only provide highlights.

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