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Outstanding news was presented to Associate-Owner shareholders of the Jasper Holdings, Inc. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) on April 27th, 2023. Based on performance and market conditions, Chairman and CEO Doug Bawel announced a new all-time record price per share of $873.48 – a 12.84% increase of $99.10 per share.

Bawel expressed great satisfaction with the ESOP program by noting its impact on Associate-Owners’ retirement strategies. He reported 1,083 (35%) active Associate-Shareholders have more than $100,000 in stock, and 1,576 (51%) have accrued more than $50,000. This program is in addition to Jasper Holdings’ matching 401k retirement plan that currently has over $258 Million invested in a fully funded trust.

The total ESOP value allocated to shareholders since its 2009 inception totals more than $447 Million. Bawel attributes this success for the company to great, patient customers, as well as the commitment of Associate-Owners to ‘Do it Right’ in these challenging times. He concluded his statement by adding, “We have been Blessed with great Associate-Owners who have continued to stay focused on what is in our control; a never-ending commitment to improvements in Safety, Quality, Productivity, Customer Service, and Reduction of Waste.”

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