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In an update to a story we brought to you last month, 44-year-old Christy Aufdemorte will now avoid jail time in exchange for a probation sentence of 2.5 years.

Aufdemorte was charged with Cruelty to Animals after being accused of abusing animals at her dog grooming business which was located in Petersburg. The accusations included activities such as strangling dogs and even beating them with Clippers at her “Doggie Styles Pet Grooming” business. She would later admit to even using nooses to secure canines to a bathing table.

Court documents last month revealed that Aufdemorte had warrants in Texas as well as criminal arrests in the state of California and had even used an alias “Carrie Russell” at the time.

This probationary plea agreement lists that Christy Aufdemorte is NOT permitted to operate nor work in any business that is involved with the care or handling of animals nor is she allowed to be in possession of animals or attempt care for animals during this 2.5-year probation period.

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