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An early morning crash at the intersection between 13th Street and Newton Street in Jasper left one driver with a totaled vehicle and another with over $10,000 in damages and a citation.

According to the Jasper Police Department at 7:30 AM on Thursday, October 26th, 24-year-old Adam Perronie of Louisville, KY was traveling south on Newton Street in a 2019 International Tractor-Trailor. 51-year-old Ryan Pretchel of Huntingburg was traveling east on 13th Street in a 2011 Ford. Pretchel came to a stop at the intersection of 13th and Newton Street for a red light. The light subsequently turned green allowing Pretchel to proceed through the intersection while Perronie’s semi disregarded the stoplight and drove through the intersection.

As Pretchel’s 2011 Ford entered into the insection the front of Perronie’s semi collided with the front driver side of Pretchel’s vehicle.

No injuries were reported in this accident but Ryan Pretchel’s 2011 Ford was totaled in the accident while Perronie’s 2019 International received over $10,000 in damages.

Adam Perronie was cited for disregarding a traffic control signal.

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