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The Invasive Species Awareness Coalition of Dubois County has announced new plans after their most recent meeting.

During their last meeting held on Monday, October 30th, made plans for 2024 when Emily Finch’s Invasive Specialist position goes away. 

ISAC is asking for 2024 to have more of its members step up and help not only with events but also with meetings, since it was decided that the group will share this workload by having 2 volunteers at each meeting; with one to lead their meetings and to prepare the agenda ahead of time, and another to take the meeting minutes. 

ISAC is planning to have one final meeting this year, on Tuesday, December 12th, at 6 PM in Jasper. The exact meeting location has not been decided on, but members will be emailed once it is settled upon. The group is also considering making the meeting a dinner meeting with a potluck or having it at a restaurant.

ISAC would also like to remind that they are hosting on Saturday, November 11th, the Old Town Lake Weed Wrangle in Ferdinand. To RSVP for the weed wrangle, contact Veronica Helming at or 812-482-1171 extension 3.

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