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A federal lawsuit that saw Warrick County accused of using uncertified and vulnerable voting machines was dismissed recently on jurisdictional grounds.

Court Documents show that Judge Richard L. Young dismissed the case that named several Warrick County officials as defendants including the Warrick County Clerk Patricia Perry as well as numerous election board members and county commissioners.

The lawsuit claimed that MicroVote, the vendor Warrick County used for it’s voting machines, was unlawfully certified because Pro V&V, a testing laboratory that scrutinizes MicroVote, lacked “legal accreditation.” However, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission lists both as certified and accredited.

The lawsuit was first filed back in September 2022 by two residents from Chandler, Indiana.  The initial complaint filed in the Southern District of Indiana, the plaintiffs claimed officials had misled voters and put the integrity of the election at jeopardy by not using paper ballots and failing to “provide transparency regarding the voting systems” used by the county.

This lawsuit is similar to other lawsuits that have occurred around the United States since the 2020 Presidential Election which saw many people accusing public officials of voter fraud and question election integrity. The Plaintiffs in the lawsuit sought an injunction to prevent Warrick County from the “destruction/deletion of any and all election records post-2019” and pushed officials to produce “all paper ballots created by voting systems, mail-in ballots, tabulation tapes, USB final counts from precincts, and all other election records not specifically stated.”

It should be mentioned that many lawsuits with similar cases at a local level have been dismissed across the country.

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