Authorites Seek Public’s Assistance on Park Property Theft

Deputies with the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department and officials with the Army Corps of Engineers are seeking the public’s assistance as they they look for the person or persons involved in the theft of two picnic tables late last week from a shelter house by the trail water spill way at Patoka Lake.

The Sheriff’s Department says they were contacted by Stan Akin of the Corp of Engineers and believes the tables were taken either last Thursday March 24th or Friday the 25th.

They are described as being 8 feet vinyl coated Brown and Black, wheel chair accessible, having a black and silver sticker on the legs with Webcoat PO Box 3160 McAlester, Oklahoma 47502.

Akin told authorities that the tables are extremely heavy, and were bolted to the concrete floor at the shelter house.

He believes it would have taken more than one person to take the tables and placed a value of the pair at just under $1,200 a piece.

Authorities say they have no suspects at this time or any further information to investigate.

Anyone with any information about the stolen tables is asked to contact the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department at 812-482-3522. All calls can be kept confidential.

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