Certificate of Occupancy | Huntingburg

Last night the Huntingburg City Council discussed developments in regards to a certificate of occupancy matter that has being going on for about a year now between the city and the city Jasper as well as the Town of Ferdinand.

Along with Dubois Strong the 3 communities are able to work parallel to evaluate what needs to be accomplished for the building ordinance.

At last night’s council meeting Morely and Associates advisor, Ben Miller described the certificate of occupancy  would state if  buildings are  in-compliance with Huntingburg and Indiana building codes as well.

Miller explains some of  the benefits of the ordinance as it pertains to homeowners.

Miller adds that another advantage would be savings with insurance under certain circumstances as well as having knowledge that the city is aware that a building company constructed the structure to the minimum standards.
The Huntingburg City Council is looking to amend their building code to allow for the city to issue a certificate of occupancy for new construction buildings. The main issue the council is looking at is the fee structure and what it would look like benefiting all involved.

Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner further describes the actions taken by each community and the significance of the overall efforts in Dubois County.


The certificate of occupancy only applies to construction of new buildings, not renovations.

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