Dubois County Veterans Day to Honor Korean War Veteran

Veterans Day observance plans are in place for Dubois County and a Korean War veteran will be presented with this year’s Living Veteran Award .

Joseph Wagner of Jasper will be bestowed with the honor.

Joe joined the Navy on his second try to enlist on December 10th 1948.

When the Korean War started, he was assigned duty on a troop-carrying ship taking troops to Korea. His ship went back and forth between Korea and Japan using his training at both locations.

While in Japan, Joe was assigned to perform his skills of physical therapy at the hospital for six months before being sent back to Oakland, Calif., for discharge from the Navy on December 9, 1952. He received the Good Conduct Medal, United Nations Service Medal and the Korean Service Medal through his service.

After the Navy, Joe studied at Indiana University for two years before completing his studies at St. Louis University.

He came back to Jasper in 1958 and set up a physical therapy unit at Memorial Hospital. In 1972, Joe started to travel to local nursing homes with his skills before retiring in 2001.

During his time traveling doing physical therapy, Joe also helped schedule the Disabled American Veterans van that helps commute veterans to Louisville and Lawrenceville, Ill., clinics and hospitals.

In 2001, Joe became the Dubois County Veterans Service Officer that helps veterans with their benefits and claims that they have earned for their service. He continued to schedule the DAV van and often drove the van on his days off, commuting his fellow veterans to their appointments,

In 2011, Joe retired from being the Dubois County Service Officer after helping many veterans.

Joe and his wife Viola were the parents of four children, 3 of which survive and have seven grandchildren.

He now resides in Cathedral Health Care Center in Jasper.

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