Morning Rockport Fire in Historic Bed and Breakfast

Officials received a call that the Rockport Inn was on fire early this morning from a passerby out walking their dog.

The historic restaurant built some time in the 1850’s is located  just off of the square in Rockport on the corner of Walnut and 3rd street.

Owner, Stacey Schulte who lives next door to the establishment, said she was woke up by what she thought was the sound of rain but when she looked out her window saw smoke and flames coming from the back side of the Inn.

Mike and Stacey Schulte are co-owners of the Rockport Inn which is a bed and breakfast, they also own MacKenzie’s Bar and Grill built in 2001 next door to the Inn.

Stacey Schulte said after noticing flames she went to get 2 guest staying in the Bed in Breakfast out of the building and notify fire officials.

Four Fire departments were initially called to the scene however assisting personnel with other area departments to reinforce efforts to put down the fire.  The fire looks to have been in the back side of the Inn, near the kitchen.

The call came in just before 6 a.m. CST. While crews worked to put the flames out a second fire started prompting crews to re-enter the building.

The Bed and Breakfast shares a wall with MacKenzie’s Bar and Grill. Fire crews broke windows in both buildings to access the fire along with having to create a hole in the roof of MacKenzie’s.

Crews are still working to secure that the fire is out.

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