ISAC Controls Invasive Plants at Dubois County Park

This past Saturday, the Invasive Species Awareness Coalition of Dubois County took time
out of their day to remove any the invasive plants from the local Dubois County Park for
Invasive Plants Control Work Day.

Continuing into their third year in the county, ISAC targeted the Autumn Olive, Bush
Honeysuckle, Burning Bush, and Multiflora Rose. The Coalition removed the plants to help
the native plants of the area grow and allow wildlife to thrive in their habitat, while also
keeping the natural beauty of the area.

Ron Rathfon, an Extension Forester with Purdue, explained that these invasive species
were originally planted there for landscaping purposes.

Rathfon also stated that since the Dubois County Park is opening a new area, that
everything needs to be contained in order to keep the species at bay.

ISAC contained the species throughout the park through spraying pesticide, chainsaw, and
other means.

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