Funding approved for Huntingburg’s Water Improvement Project

Funding has been approved of the city of Huntingburg’s Water Improvement Project.  

An application fro SRF Bonds and a water rate adjustment were made last November, along with the selection of the bids for construction.

Now with SRF Bonds approved, the council moved Tuesday night for final approval of the construction contracts.

There are three divisions to this project: water main replacement and distribution system improvements, Water Treatment Plant expansion, and a solar energy field. 

For the Main replacement and distribution improvements, the construction will be completed by Huntingburg Machine Works with a bid of $1,394,552.  The construction start date is January 20th with a substantial completion date of August 17th of this year. 

The water main replacement will begin on the Southside of Huntingburg and move north along 231.  Residents will start seeing construction signs through the city soon.

The Water Treatment Plant Improvements will be done by Reynolds Construction for $4,880,700.  A construction start date is set for February 3rd and is expected to be substantially completed by February 27th, 2021.

The final division is the Solar Field, which will be constructed by Solential Energy for $468,031. The construction start date for the Solar Field will be determined by the construction progress of the Water Treatment Plant. Construction for the Solar Field is expected to start late this summer.

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