Indiana Sheriff’s Association awarding college scholarships

The Indiana Sheriff’s Association is awarding college scholarships to qualified high school seniors or college students who are pursuing a criminal justice degree.

Dubois County Sheriff, Tom J. Kleinhelter, made the announcement yesterday.

Approximately 40 $750  scholarships will be awarded to qualifying students across the state.

In order to qualify for a scholarship, the applicant must be an Indiana resident, must be a current member of the association or a dependent child or grandchild of a current member of the association, attend an Indiana college or university, major in a law enforcement field, and enroll as a full-time student (12 hours).

Scholarship applications are available at your high school counselor or sheriff’s office.

The application can also be downloaded from the Indiana Sheriff’s Association website,

All applications must be received by the Indiana Sheriff’s Association on or by April 1st.

The Indiana Sheriff’s Association Scholarship Fund was established for receiving, investing, and dispensing funds to provide college scholarships to qualified students who are committed to pursuing an education and career in the law enforcement field.

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