Wilstem Wildlife Park Adding Asian Elephant To Park; Partners with International Elephant Foundation

Wilstem Wildlife Park will be adding an Asian elephant to their park this spring as well as partner with the International Elephant Foundation.

The Asian elephant is classified as endangered with fewer than 50,000 left in the world! They are slightly smaller than the threatened African elephant which numbers about 400,000 – 500,000. The Asian elephant can be identified by their smaller ears, smoother skin, rounded back and only one finger-like tip at the end of their trunk. This addition to their herd gives Wilstem the chance to strengthen their mission of educating the public. Their encounters will allow the chance to learn about the different physical features of African and Asian elephants as well as their different habits.

Wilstem is committed to the conservation of elephants and wildlife and after much research feels the International Elephant Foundation is the perfect partner in this endeavor. Wilstem has committed $40,000 to be used towards two separate projects aimed to keep elephants and other wildlife safe. In Africa, Wilstem is supporting the recovery of Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda.

In Asia, they are supporting the critically endangered Sumatran elephant.

With the Asian elephant population decreasing by at least 50 percent over the last 70 years, Wilstem is excited and dedicated to contributing to the conservation of this beautiful species and very excited about their new partnership! To learn more about the International Elephant Foundation, visit www.elephantconservation.org.

Wilstem, located in Paoli, will open for the season this March, with Encounters take place daily March 7th through November 1st. Visit www.wilstem.com to make reservations.

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