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Funding requests that lead up to some uneasy discussions and an argument took place during Monday afternoon’s gathering of the Dubois County Council.

Before any funding requests were presented, Dubois Strong President Ed Cole took the floor and gave the council an update on projects that are making progress in regards to the ongoing workforce initiative.

Cole says one of which will take place in a career fair in ElizabethTown, KY where there would be an emphasis on speaking with individuals coming home from military service that are ready to partake in the civilian workforce. Cole also mentioned the necessity of having a Dubois profile in the form of a handout or brochure indicating valuable information with the intent to distribute that information to better inform potential businesses coming to Dubois County among other project initiatives.


In other business Monday afternoon Brent Wendholt with the county highway department approached the council with a request of $15,000 to help fund a sign project along Schnellville Road. Wendholt says an intersection at Schnellville and Sutton Roads has shown indication of not being safe and once caused a severe accident and several close calls this past year.

Wendholt told the council his goal is to have the sensor signs and project accomplished by May if the approval of funds is set soon.

Council President Greg Kendall says that due to budget concerns a possible solution to the signs project request would be to implement that $15,000 amount into the departments overall Road Plan funding proposal. He says however the council would not be able to provide extra funds for this specific signs project.

Later on in the meeting a request to amend a salary ordinance for the Sheriff’s Department was denied. Dubois County Sheriff Donnie Lampert asked the council to amend 2 weeks of an estimate $181 worth of pay to an individual who took on the role of kitchen manager when it was not  part of their primary job duties.

The original kitchen manager was on personal leave. In a strong discussion with the council, Sheriff Lampert heavily argued that the department was already understaffed and for this individual to step up and assume unfamiliar responsibilities,was worth compensating.

The council counter-argued insistingly that it would be unfair and inequitable to compensate any amount as it could cause other areas in the county to ask for monetary compensation as well.


Finally yesterday Dubois County Emergency Management Director Tammy Miller told the council issues are finally under wraps with the Avian Influenza situation as ending results consist of simple house keeping topics such as budgetary management.

Humbert approached the council with a summary of estimated expenses with equipment and personnel service expenditures regarding the Avian Influenza containment work. She explained that she and other employees who are considered exempt could not be compensated for overtime due to their status. Humbert attended a banquet for emergency management addressing the Avian Influenza containment and provided the council with an appreciation plaque for the council regarding their participation with the Avian Influenza team management work.

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